Why Regional/Localised businessman Fail to expand business

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Why Regional/Localised businessman Fail to expand business??

Here we discuss on “Conversation” point

1. There are so many factors available that will help you bring success..
One of its “Conversation”.. More than 80% local businessman who run his business like grocery, salon, cafe, hotel, catering, food chain, Etc…have lack of conversation..

2. Amongst them they hire one or two person who available on his business place..Mostly Owner are not willing to check whether his employee doing well or not. He doesn’t measure his work even..
Now What Exactly the reason behind failure of local businessman?

Business Closed
Vadodara , Vadodara Mycty
Here is one significant point is :

When someone/other company come with its offer for your business, there are mostly owners are missing.. His employees understand the offers and said like this “I will inform my boss and then answer you.”But the most of case that employees does not inform the owner and even owner does not ask..

Missing factor is “Owner are not willing to listen offer when other person /company bring with them.”.Owner are showing like he is busy”.This is mostly happen in Salon Industry and cafe.

-Listen and understand when someone bring some offer for you ..You shouldn’t trying to get rid of them..Because every small single opportunities makes you gient..

So Listen carefully and understand the proposal who brings for you. Start conversation.. It will help you.. “When you listen to others, it’s not your time waste but it’s your time invest.


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