You should invest your amount in Bitcoin or not ?

You should invest your amount in Bitcoin or not?
Influence is key point in Investment and Business.
-If your influence is not on your investment, that means it’s not an investment.
-Bitcoin something like this.. You can’t control or influence bitcoin.
-Bary Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group, What he said:
“Crypto-currency having highest risk and highest return”.
-If investment fluctuate daily 30% , that means that is an unsafe investment.
Today people are not buying value of substance, They are buying into the value of hype.
-what people think if everyone investing in bitcoin why I don’t. But they don’t know how bitcoin fluctuate.
-If you are not influence or control,have to consider as a blind game.
-Bitcoin is a virtual investment.It is not an actual investment.
-Actual investment means Debt Fund, Share, Gold, Property etc..
Because of this is virtual investment, there are no any predictibilty and calculation behind it’s volatility.
-Bitcoin has no long term value proposition.
-It is not possible to creat some plan and dependent on bitcoin..
* What Experts said:
Warren Buffet :
“He already gave statement in year,2014 that Bitcoin may creat fraud.its a mirage.”
Charlie Munger :Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway :
“Avoid Bitcoin like the plague “.
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala :
“Why people crazy for bitcoin “.
Who Can Invest in Bitcoin :
Bitcoin investment suitable for those who have more personal disposable income or extra money.. Because bitcoin fluctuating is so high.. Like rapid high rapid down.
-Actor ,Amitabh Bacchan who invested in bitcoin and after that he got some leads and then fall.
-You can not create planning on basis of your bitcoin investment.
-Other side , on the basis of Actual investment you can get some pre and post tax benefit and You can invest on behalf of your daughter or family.
But in bitcoin it’s not possible.
– Black-market, hackers, terrorist uses bitcoin so government never give support.
-So many times bitcoin mining market hack by hackers.
-Huge cyberattack on Biggest bitcoin exchange place “Mt. Gox “.
And this kind of cyber attack done so many times.
-Bitcoin is Irreversible .if you transfer bitcoin to another person by mistake or any hackers hack your account than you can not get back your bitcoin.because there are no third party guarantee.
Conclusions :
I am not opposing Bitcoin. Of course you can invest but for those people who are high disposable income.
There are some fact that we have to consider..Its highly risky because you can’t influence on that thing.
Lots of people investing bitcoin ,you can not cash out from bitcoin market during downmarket.
Invest your amount with your brain not on basis of hype.
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