How Can I Promote My Business Online ?

How Can I Promote My Business Online ?

The best tools is Google adwords. This is very effective tools.

How to create Google Adwords account ?

Create campaign pattern on one account, you guyzz can have lot as 1000 marketibg/comapaign
Here general techniques include
by service group
– by location
– by religion
– by geographic
– by product

This campaign pattern is crucial because your budget are set on campaign level.

Create Ad groups :
If you decide your marketing pattern, You need to create ad groups within each campaign.
Sometimes Ad groups further organize ad program

Set Ad targeting :
Search network, display network, or both targeted by compaign

The most significant key to successful keyword research is to get know or understand how your customers search.
You should not assume you know what they search and type into the search bar. Better is that you should use the resources that is available to you and that will help to search the best keyword for your marketing.
Four elements you should consider specially when you go for selecting keyword
1) keyword relevancy
2)paid search competition
3)click cost
4)search volume
The most significant resources is Google’s keyword that will assist you identify significant keywords.
You will include a little search items with page URL when using keyword tool.
And this will permission or allow you to get additional search in your marketing that are related your product


You should not forget the importance of negative keyword.
It can also assist you identify negative search that you can implement in your campaign or marketing.
If you want to save your money by preventing your ad from unnecessary and irrelevant search queries.

4 keyword match types :
1)phrase match
2)broad match modifier
3) exact match
4)broad match

Writing copy is not always easy
Be definite to light on things and unique to your company.

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  1. Hi ,

    Nice article !!

    I have recently started new website for which i require your suggestion on how to reach the target audience.
    Still my website is not showing in Google search directly . How to increase visitor for my blogs and website please suggest.

    1. Firstly All the best for your business..
      1)There are so many factors affected for growing your business and get more traffic online on your website like your blog content, your website home page , your blog content and the way it’s look are playing significant roll here.
      2)Backlink of your website
      3)SEO of your blogs and images also
      4)Register of your website on webmaster tool, Bing etc.. search engines.
      5)Most important thing following above said points definitely you’ll get traffic but there are more chances that visitors may visit once only. So Your home page must be attractive in such a way that your first time visitors stay and visit again..
      I checked your website.. I am not trying to demotivate you sir but your website is not mobile friendly still.
      If you’ve any query/suggestion/doubt feel free to contact us :9106921485

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