Business ideas without investment

Business ideas without investment

initiative small website it is small but very good business idea. If you have any idea you can put your idea with strategy on your website and get earnings in lol.

2) Recruitment Firm :
You can start recruitment firm. It is also a very good business. There are no require money. Even you can start this business from your home. But only you requirers net connection, phone and few contacts.

3) Photographer :
This is interesting business. If you have able to click great capture, you can convert your hobby into business. Only one thing you need that one is good camera you can earn money through professional photography service and also your capture images depict or show to the people through exhibition.

4) Freelancer :
Thai business is no need to money.. Here only you just post your knowledge with experience i.e.expertise amongst the just need care that all your information are reliable and based on past experiences and so on

5) Interior Designer :
It is also fashionable business. In this business the most significant thing is creativity and require special skills.

6)Wedding organiser :
This business is generally boost on marriage season.. In this business little amount of money is required.

7) Consulting business :
If you gave great knowledge in field like branding, finance, personal finance, marketing, advertising you can start or build your own consultancy firm

8) Baby sitting and cooking service:
This business is for women. Any woman want to start small business you can start these business.. Generally this business idea is most preferably in metro city

9) Fitness and Yoga teacher :
Any professional trained you can start this business.

10) Tiffin service:
If you have master of cook and want to serve your best food than this business is best for you.

11) Content writing :
If you are able to write creative content you can start this business content writing.. Content writing is an art. For this you have to writing skils.

12)Dance ,music school :
If you have best in dance, music you can build your own dance academy or music academy. Some required skill you have to.

13) Chocolate making. :
This is for mainly woman ..everyone love chocolate. If you have some creativity to design with different way you can get very good business.

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